Monday, May 16, 2011

a birth-tea party

So a problem with playing all the time, and talking to people at night- i dont blog. which then means i get far behind. its the worstest.

But this morning (monday) while waiting to go to class. i had a faint smell of toast. after telling cali what i was smelling immediately the fire alarm went off. yes that is right, my super sniffer caught the burning toast before the fire alarm did. luckily it wasnt at three in the morning this time.

class was grand. cali and i ended up both wearing our matching sweatshirts because we were too lazy to actually get ready. in class we talked about much ado about nothing, and im looking at the board and it has four conflict styles up there (which is what i had done my reading post on) on the board with my name next to it. I was terrified to say the least. my brief skim of the play did not give me the knowledge i needed to feel comfortable classifying the couples conflict styles. but i made it through, i explained his theory and the four types; avoidant, validating, volatile, and hostile, and then the class helped to say what they thought. i have liked the fact that i can apply my major to the plays we are seeing, that i can add a different view point to them, because at times i feel out of my element not being an english or theater major. class was good, but seemed to drag, so we were happy when we finally were done.

we love two for one H&M hoddies. they are the bestest
also rodger showed this video for our enjoyment and because it had to do with shakespeare... enjoy

we then ran over to metro gate to print off everything we needed for italy. boarding passes, train tickets, reservations, the whole enchilada. holly was a sweetheart and let us use her printer id so we didnt have to go back upstairs and set one up. after printing everything (in the creepy printer area) we made our way to tesco to get some food to get us through the next day before travel week. the four for one roll deal was no longer there which was the saddest, but we made it through. two bagels and a roll later we were set.

we came home, quickly changed into tea party beautifulness and then made our way over to hyde park with the rest of the group for a birth-tea party. it was wonderful. everyone contributed a little something (cali and i failed, but we did the dishes to make up for not bringing anything) and we used the couch covers for blankets and had a good ole time. it was to celebrate the million birthdays that week, so i got sung to, which was fun.

the birthday lot. 
the birthday crew enjoying a nice cup of tea- this is complete staged if you cant tell, i actually didnt bring a cup to have tea so i had to borrow someones. i know who goes to a tea party and doesnt have tea (herbal of course). thats right, this girl.
Kristen enjoying her tea
tea party buddies. amber, karli, addison, and bre. it was amber's birthday on sunday.
preston giving  a lovely toast.
so the one problem with a long dress and a short body is you have to hold it up. making holding dishes tricky. elly asked how she could help. this is her holding my dress.
we then realized we were silly and that we could just switch so i could hold my own dress.. i liked the other way better. i felt like a bride walking down the aisle.
my washer buddy.
we got a sweet assembly line going. i have a secret love for assembly lines- theyre just so efficient. it is wonderful.
after the tea party cali, cami, and i went for a run around the perimeter of the park to see if we could get our time down. i was owned for the first part- i thought we had been running for 20 when it had only been 5, but by the end i was feeling like i could go forever. we have found there is a three mile hump. the first three are always awful but after that you can just go and go. but we got our time down from 53 to 45. woowhoo. now beating that will be a little more challenging. but we came home, took quick showers and then tried to make our way to primark to get things for italy. we had heard you can just jump on the 10 bus and it takes you there and we caught one just as we walked out, however we got off too soon. so the adventure began. we figured we could just walk down, but realized we were farther than we thought, and then tried to find another bus stop and couldnt, and the tube station we found wasnt the right line. everything was going wrong, which was no bueno because we were supposed to meet holly and lauren at victoria station at 6, and it was already 5 45.

but primark was great. i got a cover-up, sunglasses, a shirt, shoes (that i had seen a girl wearing on sunday and fell in love with), and a new watch (my other one broke this morning when i was trying to fix the time) and cali got a cover up, and a swimming suit in two sizes, and sunglasses as well. their prices are soo cheap it was amazing. cali got the two sizes so we didnt have to wait to try it on, but later that night she did and it was such a cute suit i tried on the other one, and it fit perfectly. so we now have matching suits for italy. no worries.

we made out like bandits.
we made it to the train station 30 minutes late, and felt awful, but they were there waiting and we were able to get a group price for the gatwick express the next morning. and then off to the cherry orchard.

holly and i before the show at the national.
the show was good. not great, not awful. it was kind of slow, and i admit i fought falling asleep the whole time, and lost for a bit. it probably wasnt the smartest to go go go all day and then sit and watch a show. the show was frustrating because in the plot the actress does nothing to save her cherry orchard but just sits there hoping it wont be sold. i just wanted to shake her and say "wake up! stop being dumb" but her pride stood in the way. the set was amazing though, and it one scene it had lighting coming in from the back like the sun and as the scene went on the sun set and fireflies started blinking in the reeds. it was amazing.

we got home, all exhauseted. skyped. and then hit the sack. so so tired.

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