Wednesday, May 4, 2011

the study part of the study abroad.

after drugging up on nyquil- for this silly cold i have caught, i slept like a baby last night. however, i guess not enough because once again i feel asleep in class. I could feel my eyes start to close and would fight as hard as i could but my eyelids were impossible there was no way i would win the battle.

cali and i were late in leaving for class, so our morning run was on the way to class. im sure we were a sight to see, two girls running pass the relaxed Europeans, backpacks bouncing. we got there only a minute late, but were surprised to see our class standing outside the doors. While we had rushed, we ended up having to wait for the doors to be unlocked. Once inside sleep overtook me as we learned about Little Eagles, the show we will see tomorrow night, from Roger. Lucky for me I still had some jelly beans leftover from what Keri gave me for the flight over so i started popping those in order to keep myself awake. A little sugar did the trick, and I was able to stay awake for the rest of class. After the break we peer reviewed our Tempest reviews and then it was home to do more homework.

cali braided my hair for me today. and she made it the prettiest. see here. ps see that book about frace. yeah im not really reading it, this is a very staged picture so we could get a picture of my hair. no worries.

In order to delay the inevitable homework, and to feed our starving bellies (one problem with running late is that it isnt very conducive to eating breakfast), we decided a trip to Sainsbury (the grocery store) was much needed. So we made the trek to the grocery store- ps. i will never complain about having a far parking spot again, having to walk to the grocery store and then carry it all back is not one of the things i love about london. but elly is a genius and we brought our backpacks which made it easier- the grocery store was grand. i got a lot. first off they had cadbury eggs that were huge left over from easter for only 20p, which perfectly fit my indulgence for chocolate. then bananas, sandwich stuff, and much much more. we then came home to eat the food we had gotten. I wasnt very patient and broke out one of the chocolate eggs to eat while i waited for my rice to cook. I got this way good thai rice that all you have to do is microwave. it was delicious and so easy. thank you uncle ben's.

it was then homework time. sometimes i wish we didnt have to actually study on the study abroad. but we got it done. one performance review on all's well that end's well, one field trip reflection, read the synopsis of school for scandal, and a post on how we would direct said play. it is surprising how long homework can take, especially when you are distracted. while today was pretty much a free day it was overtaken by homework. but no worries we still have fun doing it.

while studying we had to open the windows because our room smelled like fresh laundry....but  very strongly. the laundry machines are way expensive, so air drying was the solution, but they were very fragrant. no bueno.
so studying on the beds it can be kind of hard to get comfy. elly though has found the perfect way to stay warm (with said open window) and still be able to type. this is her showing us how...she calls this look the beached whale.
these are our happy homework faces. convincing? yes. ps note the byu sweatpants. oh how i love them so.

cali and i then went on adventure to find a fun and exciting place to eat to reward ourselves for working so hard on our homework. wagamamas was the winner, we had heard good things so we thought we should see what all the talk was about. it was scrumptious. we had some sort of curry thing and no worries we both cleaned our plates. carter (my food baby) was alive and kicking. we then decided it was a smart idea to go on an adventure to find dessert. obviously. so there are some pastry shops we always pass that look delicious, so we thought that would be a perfect ending to our date. im sure i wasnt as good a date as sean. but unfortunately the one we wanted was closed, and the other ones didnt have what we wanted. so instead we went to tesco and got magnum bars (which are really good ice cream bars) and it was so grand. so we started heading back home, on the other side of the street- and guess what we passed. you guessed the most perfect pastry shop. so we now have another place we have to go.
the start of our adventure slash date.
how do you wagamama? oh yes we thought it meant wag-a-mama...aka shake senora. there is a sweet video of cali shaking but im not allowed to... 
so we were felling artsy with the dessert menu, which we didnt get anything from, and the waiter came and took it away and then stopped and said "oh unless youre not done taking pictures" so embarrassing. 
dear tesco. thank you for the magnum bars. the were delicious. love ellie and cali.

the lovely desserts we wanted but werent patient enough to get. saddest day ever. 

cali and i are kind of weird though. its true. we are cool, dont get me wrong, but a little weird. we both have a tendency to break out into song, so it means a lot of time when we are walking we are singing. its wonderful. but im sure the reserved people of london must think we are constantly very intoxicated when in fact we are not intoxicated in the slightest.

an example of being weird. this is what happens when ellie is bored and has a camera in hand.

Amberly with her cool orange laptop cover. ellie still just taking pictures of everyone and everything.

so one thing i love about our flat is that we are super safe. first off we are surround by embassies which means there is security around us. plus there are three locks in order to get to our room. Im always lazy and my keys are in the very bottom of my purse so cali always ends up unlocking all the doors, she's the bestest. 

but isnt she the cutest unlocking the door. good work sean.
but we are now having Ell(ie,y) bonding time watching Tangled. best movie ever... ps in case you didnt know my sister-in-law, Keri, is amazing at baking and decorating cakes. but seriously amazing. her desserts are to die for and recently she made a tangled cake for a little girls are some pictures. if you need a cake for anything im sure she would be willing to help you out.
the cake at the bottom is what you eat, the rest is a topper, but it is all edible, except im pretty sure its around styrofoam.
my adorable niece Ari
she made Rapunzel using gum was amazing the tiny detailing she did!

go to her blog to see more of her AMAZING cakes! it's

sorry longest post ever, but an efy email came today. can i just say i am so excited for the summer, and i realize it will be here before i can believe, but at the same time i am sad that i have to rush home instead of staying and exploring europe more. also can i say that i feel very blessed that my summer has fallen into place so nicely.

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