Tuesday, May 24, 2011

much ado about a lot of things...

today was a productive, exciting day.

it started with a run around the park with cali and amberly. where i spilled my soul and took their advice. question. why is life so confusing? can someone just give me a road map to the end? that would be very helpful. we got back in time to grab a snack before heading back to the park for an intense game of ultimate frisbee. and intense is what it was. the wind was ridiculous making every throw either extremely far or extremely inaccurate. i was guarding cali, and im pretty sure we got more of a work out than any one as we ran away from the other. im sure she hated me by the end of the game because i would get really obnoxious as i guarded her. sorry cal. but our team won in the end. 6-7. we might have ended with the wind advantage, but we also had mad skills. afterwards a group of us stayed at the park to do an ab workout, and decided we should do group aerobics in the park. will it happen? that i am not sure of.

team one- no they did not win.
we dominated. well won by one. but still

but on the way back to the flat, talking to amberly, she told us about a rock n roll marathon in denver- which we are all now seriously considering. having people to train with would make it much more likely to happen, but im just scared it wont happen like last time, that life will get too crazy and i wont have time to train. but i can make time, right? especially if i am training with people. its being social and training at the same time- whats better than that?

then it was home to shower, eat, homework, and get ready for the matinee of Much Ado About Nothing at the globe. the show was phenomenal! to begin with the set was beautiful with orange trees covering the canopy and flowers and water holes surrounding the stage. add the amazing costumes, and the show was off to a great start. then add in the actors. perfection. and the excitement that geoffery, the butler from the french prince of belair, was Hero's father. The actor who played Benedict stole my heart from the moment he walked on stage. his whit, looks, and mannerisms were perfect for the part, and Beatrice was right there with him the whole time. one of my favorite parts is when they were tricking benedict and beatrice into thinking the other one was in love with them. their physical movement and reactions were perfect and left the audience rolling in laughter. also at the end when benedict takes claudio's scarf and covers his eyes and asks for beatrice. hysterical. and then when they find out the other "doesnt" love them, and then they read the letters. oh brother i almost died. moral of the story. go watch much ado at the globe. you wont regret it.

me, cali, amber, and lauren after the show. arent they the cutest.
after the show we were planning to go to borough market for dinner, but talking to delys she said they had gone earlier and only the permanent stalls were there- so a quick change in plans lead us to the favorite italian restaurant of princess diana that we pass on our way to the tube everyday. it was absolutely delicious. and i definitely made up for all the physical activity earlier. so so good. and it was fun just to be with a bunch of people. everyone on the study abroad is just so wonderful. it is grand.
the stairs to where we ate. we love princess di.
we had the sweetest little cubby to eat in. it was perfect.
spinach. pine nuts. garlic. cheese. delicious.
by the way- sometimes i am embarrassing to my life. dinner was one of those moments. i couldnt understand the waiter (he had a french, or some other country, accent.) was saying spinach and i heard spanish- and then failed at pronouncing what i wanted off the menu. i was the person you are embarrassed to take out in public.

then home to work more on blogging about italy. i swear i will never catch up- its the devil. but i sat and watched "make it or break it" with elly and ashlee to keep myself sane while working. oh brother. funny show. ridiculous, but addicting. and the gymnastics was so fun. oh the days of gymnastics, how i wish i hadnt quit thee.

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