Friday, May 13, 2011

two hemispheres. one name. an ell(ie,y) day.

today was a day sans this girl because her family was in town. silly family why did you have to want to hang out with your daughter slash sister.

but i did get the morning with her. for our morning run. and boy we were feeling it today. it was a good run. and then we came home and had more energy that a 13 year old boy. so what do you do..have a dance party to justin bieber of course. who cares if it 9 30 in the morning. our dancing was a mix between aerobic workoutness, and just plain craziness. we figured anything where we were moving was working out- poor elly who had to put up with us. and lauren for the last part. 

look at those mad dance moves. and the grossness after running.

even though life was sad without cali. elly and i were excited because it meant we got to have an ell(ie,y) day. she was so patient as i took forever to shower and get ready. and worked on figuring out what we wanted to do with our completely free day. first choice windsor castle...surprise couldnt get tickets for today. second choice. hampton court. surprise- we are going there with the group in what do we do you ask...i will tell you...

it started at H&M on our way to the tube stop. what was supposed to be a short perusal turned into a two hour, try everything in the store on, trip. but really. it was three stories, we only did two. and tried on over 20 things each. unfortunately the fashion is short. so a lot of things were cute but werent quite long enough, even for my short body. but there were a few "loves" which i had to get. a long dress. two cardigans. (because i dont have enough of those) a pencil skirt. and cute hair clips. all that for only 45ish pounds. i am very happy with my you can see below.

at the south kensigton tube station so excited for my new clothes

this is the girl i got to hang out with all day! im the luckiest.
the next part of our adventure was to go to lunch at the rhythm factory described in elly's book as "perennially hip and popular, the Rhythm Factory is a relaxed and friendly coffee shop with a Thai lunch and dinner menu during the day, but come the evening the large back room is opened up, and tonnes (yes, that is how the book spelled it) of bands and DJs of all genres keep the up-for-it crowd happy until late" due to the fact we love thai food we thought this would be fun, and be an exciting adventure. so we followed the circle line to aldgate to see what we could find. having no idea where we were going we followed the map to the address it said (so i guess we had some idea). and were pleasantly surprised by the shadiness of the town. while not scared for your life shady it was hold on a little tighter to your purse shady. so we are walking purely on faith and our map when we came across the Rhythm Factory. lets just say it wasnt what we were expecting. it definitely was more of a concert venue than an eatery. the door was closed, and we peaked in the window and it was empty. so the adventured continued.

aldgate tube station was the cutest tube station. 

hmmm this isnt what we were expecting.
so we headed back the way we came remembering we had passed a few cafes on the way to see what we could find. and we found a yummy little place. i got a peri peri chicken sandwich which i was kind of scared for because the lady said it was spicy, but it was soo scrumptious. i loved it, and elly got some pasta which was delicious. it was a definite happy london cafe moment.
yummy yummy sandwich
after that it was back to the tube to try to get to greenwich. or next goal was to get on the DLR which we had never done before. so we backtracked to where we could get on it and then followed to signs around until we came to the station. we had no idea what the DLR was, we thought it was just like the tube, but it is an above ground train, that you can use your oyster card on (atleast we hope so, because thats what we did) we were so confused at what we were supposed to do. but we finally figured out we needed to get on a train and then transfer to another line of the DLR. so on the train we went. and it was wonderful because sitting there a guy turned to me and asked me how to get somewhere and i could help him because we had just figured it our moments before. later another guy asked us how to get somewhere. i guess we are beginning to look like locals.
on the DLR
we got to greenwich- and knew we wanted to go to the prime meridian, but had no idea how to get there. so once again we were flying by the seat of our pants. but we are pros and found it. and had adventures along the way...
we finally took a picture with the stereotypical red phone booth.

found a college with my name on it..

found an old book store...
we finally made it to the park where the observatory (where the prime meridian is shown) but got distracted by...
the words cake and ice cream are like heaven to elly and i...we are bad for eachother

but it was an adorable place to eat so we couldnt resist

i got chocolate cake to share

and she got hoky poky ice cream- the single scoop was the smallest single scoop ever- and it was soo expensive..but yummy

it was the cutest place ever
then finally off to the observatory...
we had to walk up the biggest hill to get to the observatory. and we were already tired from all the walking we had done..but we owned that hill

two hemispheres at once- a walk to remember, two places at once, has nothing on this

the sign above it- east longitude and west longitude

the queens house, and greenwich is the background

the observatory. so pretty. it has newton and other famous scientists' name on the building

we love hands on things...but really..we were the fastest observatory lookers ever. luckily having the same name means we are the same person because neither one of us wanted to take the time to read everything.

we got to simulate sending a rocket into space. i was the mechanical engineer. i started the mission with two random people but they deserted me so elly took both of there places. she is the nicest. unfortunately our mission failed because we took the wrong supplies. better luck next time.
we then wandered around, because we had seen a pretty garden and wanted to try to find it, and find it we did. it was so beautiful and serene. we were in love.

we then just took some time to ponder. it was so nice to sit there in nature and think about life. to think of what all i have done, and what the future holds. to think about all the blessings in my life, and to have a chance to be still and thank my heavenly father for all he has given me, and he has given me so so much. i could have sat there watching the squirrels and birds interact, thinking, all day.
Elly and I decided we have to come back and bring Cali

unfortunately we had both forgotten our watches, which i guess was nice at the same time. it was nice to not have anything to be back for. to not need to watch the clock. but is also tricky when you are curious what time it is. so we headed home. it was nice to sit on the train for a bit, but it made us realize how tired we were. we were planning on grabbing some groceries on our way home but we couldnt muster up the energy. when we left glochester the bus that takes you to the end of the street was just leaving the stop. (i had never ridden the bus before, but didnt want to walk this time) so we did what anyone would do and ran to the next stop to catch it. lucky for us the light turned red so we could get ahead of it. and im pretty sure the bus driver saw us. but we made it! just barely. elly didnt have faith as was lagging behind because she didnt want to exhert the energy if we wouldnt get to ride. but we caught it. it was a moment of pure joy.

then home. resting. blogging. and homework. elly was working on homework and decided she wanted to eat, however i needed thirty more minutes so in my convincing ways- i told her she should do her response and then eat- her response, i should but im already standing up- my response *ellie pushes elly back onto the bed* we both laughed. a lot.

the rest of the night was very chill. and wonderful.

quote of the night: elly: your puzzle only has two pieces.
cali: you go play with your puzzle pieces in the dark.

ps life is way more entertaining when you have a roommate who is engaged. and they skype in the same room as you...

song stuck in my head today: somebody to love- j biebs

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