Monday, May 9, 2011

oh my gosh, oh my gosh you guys...

today we spent 13 hours outside of the flat. it was a crazy day.

it started with class. oh hamlet, how i love thee. and then we talked about little eagles and we performed the scene we had worked on the night before. it was a mixture of scenes talking about dreams and balancing dreams and life. i think it turned out well. and then we talked about war horse, and watched the making of war horse. i am SO excited to see the show tomorrow- it looks like it will be amazing!

after class we were off to the tower of london, but cali and i being geniuses decided we should use the bathroom before we left. except problem, while going potty we realized there was no toilet paper, in the whole bathroom. and a girl checked and there were no paper towel. tragedy? yes. so obviously the next best thing is loose leaf paper- so i gave cali a piece, but she then remembered tissues she has in her backpack. so a girl passed it under and she had two left. and being the wonderful friend she is she shared one with me. moral of the story. we laughed a lot, and always check for toilet paper.
cali wasnt too keen on using paper. 
we were very grateful for her tissues.
dezi found toilet paper!! but it was too later..the next people should thank her profusely

the tower of london was splendid. like usual. we got there and had to wait for an hour before going in so we got ice cream again.  but it wasnt as good as i remembered. i really liked the flavor the first time- it was just vanilla, but it tasted better, but this time i wasnt as big of a fan of the texture. its really light and fluffy which is fun but makes it go really fast. also can i just say im addicted to sugar. its bad. really bad. but so delicious. and while we waited we got to look out over the beautiful tower bridge. it was grand.
cali just chatting it up with a roman guard by a 2000 year old roman wall. no big.
so beautiful.
cali being a traitor at traitors gate
because it wouldnt be complete without a macro picture- the ice cream
elly, cali, and lauren enjoying their ice cream and the tower bridge. also cali figured out today that lauren, cali, and i were all in the same physical science class together. cali and i had already figured out we were but i didnt remember lauren. small world.
our dork dot showing that we were there with a group.

the group about to go in

inside the tower was grand. when we first got in we didnt know where to start, but there was a guy dressed up in the street saying a performance was about to start, so we of course had to stay to see what it was. it was hysterical, and told the story of the poisoning of Sir Thomas Overbury, but they took you to different places on the tower grounds and it was very interactive. The story went that Lady Frances Howard wanted to get divorced from her husband to marry the love of her life. She had been forced to marry at 14 and then he abandoned her for a long time during which she fell in love with someone else. and she could have the divorce because she was still a maid. however she had lost her maidhood to "not her husband" and part of getting the divorce you have to be examined and she sent someone in her place and Sir Thomas Overbury found out. So she had him poisoned. It was fun to be a part of the scene and walk around and cali shouted the loudest when they said "true love"
this was the man who got us to stay and watch. he was great. and we all got to shout "god save the king" which was very exciting.
sir thomas overbury eating the poisonous tart.
we then went and saw the crown jewels which were amazing! but really, so beautiful and ornate. they had a cool moving sidewalk which takes you past them at one point, which was so clever to avoid clumping. One of the scepters had the star of africa which was a diamond over 500 carats. it was huge! but my absolute favorite was queen victoria's small diamond crown. it was beautiful, and full of diamonds. gorgeous.
queen Victoria's small diamond crown. soo beautiful. unfortunately we couldnt take pictures in the jewel house.
the changing of the guard over the jewel. it was weird to think this wasnt a show, the whole time we were there i felt like i was at disney world.
we then explored the towers which were interesting, and fun to look at, and then looked at the armory. We saw the armory- which had some of King Henry VIII's armor. oh brother he was a large man. and other fun armor.

legend says that as soon as the ravens leave the tower it will crumble
life as a prisoner is rought. no bueno.
king henry VIII's armor
the smallest and largest armor. the big one is the Guinness book of world record title holder for largest armor. crazy day.
there was a random dragon. it was sooo randon, but so grand.
by this point we were all pretty burnt out, so we came home to grab dinner and rest for a half an hour before venturing out to see a show. 
while walking to the tube stop we saw these to guys fighting in armor.
the tube was crowded on the way home, so i gave my seat up to these two little girls who were absolutely adorable, and elly gave her seat to their mom. but the one little girl was my favorite, and i smiled and winked at her (not in a creepy way) and i looked back a minute later and she was there winking both eyes back and forth and it just made my day. 

we ended up going and seeing legally blonde, the musical. and it was surprisingly good. now i wouldnt recommend it to someone as a must see. but if you are looking for a fun, light show than this is the show for you. it was full of song and dance which was soo joyous and the songs were catchy and definitely got stuck in our head. after the show, to continue our bathroom problems. we went, and cali's toilet wouldnt flush and mine wouldnt stop. today was not our day when it came to the restrooms, thats for sure. but when we were walking out we got to see the dogs that starred in the show which was really fun and exciting.
yay leagally blonde.

the dogs of legally blonde.
we all came home and just collapsed on our beds, but an exciting day of the temple and war horse lies ahead tomorrow. woowhoo

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