Monday, May 30, 2011

just another manic monday.

i have no idea what inspired that title. minus the fact that the song popped into my head at the exact moment i was going to type a title. and today is going to be short and concise. are you ready for that.

we had class in the morning. like usual. we talked a lot about our upcoming trip to stratford. it will be grand. we will be stopping lots of exciting places along the way which will be exciting! while hearing about everything. i started making to-do lists. i love lists. its weird. but they are just the best things ever. there was a list of things needed from home for efy, a list of possible expenses before we leave london, a list of things to take home to people. you name it and i had a list for it.

cali got a picture during class. welcome to our class room. notice dezi is falling asleep, this is a normal occurrence for the whole class. well at least me.
after class ashlee and i ran to primark. well more like got very delayed in getting to primark. we tried to go to the less busy hammersmith one, but after waiting for 15 minutes realized that the tube was closed where we were trying to get so we went to marble arch. it was packed (especially because it was a bank holiday) but we were efficient and got in and out fairly quickly. we were supposed to look for dresses for the ballet but i forgot. i just got some shoes i had wanted, tights, and some hair things that were supposed to be for my nieces but im falling in love with them. stink.

when i got home cali was off row boating so cami and i went for a run. it was a wonderful run. it started off rough, my calves were extremely tight. dumb. but 20 minutes in i was feeling great and felt like i could run forever. it helped that we were having a great conversation so i wasnt thinking about what i was putting my body through. but 5ish miles later we called it a day.

then it was home for food and productivity. aka write a paper.

after everything was caught up on we got ready to go see flare path with the group when the news came rippling in that the show was no longer happening. i guess there was a mix up with the tickets. we were way bummed because it was one show that we were really excited to see. so what do we do. we go and get student tickets. we got on the tube, jumped off at picadilly circus, and realized we had no clue where to go from there. we found the theater got in line, and payed 21 pounds for restricted view (that wasnt that resticted) tickets. cami lucked out and ended up getting hers for free because the computer froze on her and it took a long time, so to apologize they refunded her. amazing.

cami and i before the show.
the show itself was wonderful. bragging rights. sienna miller was in it. so that was exciting to see. the show was touching. it dealt with air force wives in Britain during wwII. it was well done, and we loved the costumes. the teddy in the show wasnt what i was expecting but he did a great job. there is one point where he comes back from an air raid and has a melt down to his wife (sienna miller) and it was absolutely phenomenal. also during the show there was an adorable couple in front of us who was on holiday here to see theater so we talked about shows we had been to and they had been to. it was grand.

this guy was amazing. he was playing when the saints come marching in on a traffic cone outside of the show. it was spectacular!
the end.

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