Wednesday, May 11, 2011

how can i do homework when im away from home?

A special thanks to Nate Sell for saving my life and this blog post. as blogger hates me and deleted it, but he had it in his gmail. seriously i would have cried.

Today was an uneventful but productive day. I owned homework.

It started with class, which was cut short because the building was double booked. I guess a missionary conference of some sort was going on. There were missionaries galore when we walked in and left. Me, being the awkward person I am, avoided eye contact and walked straight upstairs- i mean they're missionaries after all.

this is the church where we have class every monday and wednesday. two days of class, i could get used to that.

In Rodger's class, we had to come up with a production plan for school for scandal, and i have to say our group did a superb job. Our idea was to set it in the 1920's, Great Gatsby style (that was my contribution as costume designer) and we would have the set be way over the top, as well as the characters outfits, but as their schemes become uncovered and their true nature is uncovered they slowly loose layers. So their costumes become less over the top, until finally they are poorly dressed, and the set is slowly uncovered as really being dingy. Another aspect we wanted to add to the show was the ideas of talking through mirrors as you lie, because you are not seeing the "real" person. We were all getting way excited talking about it, as we sat there bouncing ideas off each other, and it made me sad that we weren't actually going to but on the show. (sorry none of that probably made sense... but moral of the story, class was grand.)

after class the homework began. quickie response. check. Little Eagles Reaction Paper. check. Cherry Orchard reading and response. check. begin planing for rome. check. skype. hmmm thats not homework, but check.

cali and i then began bridal boot camp. aka went on a run and then came back and worked out. i felt out of it on the run, my legs were sore from the day before, and mentally i wasnt feeling it. but when we came back and were doing sit ups and such we were on fire. moral of the story, we are intense. also if ever you want to laugh really hard, do an ab workout with cali- she is very vocal with her pain. elly was in the shower and came out to which i said- ELLY were doing an ab workout..woowhoo (she does p90x all the time- she is even more intense) her response. i heard, i thought someone was having a baby (or something along those lines) and then later while walking to dinner, ashlee commented on how she her the grunting of us working out- dearest cali thanks for the ab workout within an ab workout.

blackmail for myself and cali.
after a long day of studying we rewarded ourselves with dinner. I think this will be a tradition. Tonight we did not wag-our-mamas but rather "thai"ed the day together at the thai restaurant we always pass walking to the tube station. It was grand. 

It was tiny. I was surprised they had room for us, but they put us in the back room. That was our waitress. She was grand.

our sneaky way of getting a group picture. me, elly, cali, and ashlee. 

our scrumptious food. i got the green curry and it was soo spicy- i downed my water, and ended up having to have some of ashlee's. my lips were so tingly, but then again im a wimp when it comes to spiciness. 

no longer will we have to walk by and say "we should go there some day"
after din din, we just wandered and went on adventure looking for a pastry shop or some other place for dessert. We went to the place from last week, but nothing look abnormally good. So the adventure continued..
ive seen this shop and have always needed a picture, but we were always in a rush. tonight we were not. and they even spelled ellie right.
but our searching all paid off when we found...
they sold gelato, homemade ice cream, and crepes. it was perfect.

and was a girl's dream. look at all that amazing gelato.

I got the ferrero rocher kind and it was the most amazing thing in the whole wide world. definitely worth the 2.50  pounds

the ell(ie,y)'s- elly got raspberry and orange coconut. it was probably the best fruity thing i have ever tasted. one bite and you are sitting on a beach in Hawaii in your mouth. amazing.

so quaint.
 the night definitely made up for the lack of play during the day because of homework. on our way home we stopped by metrogate to see about printing off our boarding passes for Italy next week. and the computers were in the basement in this key-code guarded room, and it was the creepiest place ever. It reminded me of something you would see in a horror movie, i swear i jumped a mile when another guy came in. unfortunately, to check in they need your passport information, which we dont keep on hand at all times. I guess we will just have to make another field trip. but nothing beats wandering through the streets of london.

other random tidbits.
i love keith urban. he is my artist of choice of late. right now im listening to "I wanna love somebody like you" and it just makes me feel so happy inside. i automatically start dancing while typing- lame, possibly. also You'll Think of Me and My Heart Is Open are my other tops- soo grand. but really keith urban, thank you for making my day a little better.

english muffins are way better in england. especially with raspberry jam

we are the luckiest when it comes to weather. everyone has told us this has been the nicest april in london's history. thank you mother nature.
funny story: walking home from Gelato we saw a missionary with his parents- my guess is he was just released- and i got overly excited and yelled MISSIONARY. he looked at me like i was crazy. so after feeling extremely awkward i opened my mouth again to say, "we are members!" yep nothing. i think he thought i was crazy.

i dont know if i have already mentioned this- but i lost one of my toms (shoes)- how i lost just one blows my mind. it has to be somewhere, but it is really good at hide and go seek. so for now i just have a tom. dear tom, if you are reading this please come back to me. thanks.

also add tonight i wanna cry and i wanna be you everything to the list of songs i love by keith urban

also you have to pay to sit on chair in hyde park. seriously though, who charges you to sit on a chair. lame sauce

new word of the day: flump. it a mixture of frump and flub. oh misspeaking and the joy it brings

To add to the list of tidbits. i got an email from southwest confirming my flight to minnesota for efy. i cant believe it is less than a month. i am so excited for the summer to start, but so sad for the spring to end.

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